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Supporting Treatment and Recovery From Opioid Withdrawal (STROW) Substance Abuse Counseling and Individual/Group Therapy

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What is STROW?

STROW stands for supporting treatment and recovery from opioid withdrawal. We provide substance abuse treatment for any and all substances including alcohol. We provide referrals for housing assistance, help with obtaining health insurance, applying for disability and social security benefits, assistance with applying for food stamps, and referrals for mental health and more.

We are here to make emotional/mental health and substance abuse treatment more accessible for individuals struggling with an addiction problem. We accept everyone, regardless of race, gender, or sexuality.

You have the power to heal and you don’t have to do it alone. We have a community to support you every step of the way. Services are provided by people who love and look like you.

You have options! We offer our services virtually and in-person.

Here's how we can help you:


1 on 1 Counseling

We all deserve the chance to feel supported emotionally. We offer the chance to meet with a counselor free of charge to speak openly and honestly about your needs in private.

  • Depression
  • Lack of motivation
  • Relationship issues
  • Anxiety
  • Isolation/loneliness
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Emotional, mental and/or financial effect of COVID-19
  • Drinking more than usual


We provide a space for individuals to come together and talk about how we take care of ourselves in those moments when we may feel stressed; teaching coping skills and awareness of triggers. These conversations are facilitated by our Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors and offer the chance to talk about tools that might help in reaching goals such as:

  • Healing from addiction
  • Managing your emotions so you don’t feel overwhelmed and
    have control on how you respond to different situations
  • Establishing healthy relationships and refining boundaries
  • Strengthening connections
  • Taking care of oneself


Access to psychiatric care

Meeting with a psychiatrist can be an opportunity to confront your fears, receive unbiased guidance and become an even better version of yourself. Psychiatrists assess all of your mental and physical symptoms. They make a diagnosis and work with you to develop a management plan for your treatment and recovery.

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Our services are designed to engage individuals in thinking about how to gain new ways to manage emotional health and to support success.

We also offer additional help on the following:

  • Assistance with applying for social security benefits
  • Assistance with applying for SNAP and Medicaid
  • Lunch and snacks provided in groups
  • Rides to in-person appointments and groups
  • Gift card incentives for discharge
  • Access to food bank referrals, clothing closet referrals, and case management
  • Creating connections with other from the community

Added benefits

  • Services are delivered free of charge
  • Services are designed to support and respond to the lived experiences of participants
  • Opportunity to connect to free therapy

See how others are benefiting from STROW

"I remember an instance when I was apprehensive about coming to group out of fear of being judged. A Case Manager sat with me and gave me participation options that I was comfortable with in the beginning which eventually allowed me the confidence to fully participate and engage in the group counseling process. That has been one of the best decisions I ever made in my recovery!"


"My experience with STROW was positive. The facilitators and counselors spoke to me in a language that I could understand. I never felt as if I was less than or spoken down to because they understood my needs and individualized my counseling."


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Frequently Asked Questions

We get it. You might still have questions. Check out the answers to our most frequently asked questions.
And if you still have questions feel free to call or fill out the form. We’re here for you!

    • What does STROW mean and do?
      STROW stands for Supporting Treatment and Recovery from Opioid Withdrawal. We provide substance abuse treatment for any and all substances including alcohol. We provide referrals for housing assistance, help with obtaining health insurance, applying for disability and social security benefits, assistance with applying for food stamps, and referrals for mental health just to name a few. You do not have to be gay to join our program we accept anyone with a substance use disorder.
    • Do we report to different state agencies, parole or probation?
      No, we do not report to state agencies, parole, and probation.
    • What happens if I don’t complete the program?
      Nothing. Clients are welcome to withdraw from services at any time without penalty.
    • Do you provide housing?
      We do not provide housing but our case managers will work diligently to provide referrals for clients to local housing authorities and assist with finding a shelter.
    • Is my information confidential?
      Yes, client information is confidential. We only use your name on paperwork for consent forms.
    • Is this FREE?
      The services here at STROW are completely free, delivered at no cost to you.
    • Are there any other times available if I can’t come to a group at a designated time?
      Yes, there are other times available if you cannot come to group at the designated time. Our counselors are very accommodating and can work with you to coordinate a schedule that works for you.
    • Does STROW help pay bills?
      STROW does not help pay any bills. We provide referrals to outside agencies that will assist with paying bills.
    • Does STROW pay for doctor visits to the clinic?
      Other than visits to see our Licensed Professional Counselors STROW does not cover any doctor bills. Our clinic provides fees based on income and will work out payment plans. The clinic also accepts Medicaid and Medicare, and all insurances.
    • What are some immediate resources you have available that can help me?
      Mental health, dentists, referrals to housing, transportation assistance, case management services (applying for food stamps, applying for SSI/SSDI, insurance through marketplace, assess to food pantries), substance abuse treatment, HIV/HEP-C testing, assess to treatment for HIV/HEP-C, and free contraceptives.
    • Who are these services for?
      Most of our clientele are gay, bisexual, queer and/or other LGBTQ members but everyone is welcome.
    • Why is emotional/mental health important?
      Talking to someone can help us heal, organize our thoughts, and find our voice. Finding a therapist that works for you is an essential aspect of your wellbeing and overall health.
    • What are your hours of operation?
      8 am - 5 pm, Monday through Thursday.
      8 am - 3 pm, Friday.
      Our groups are held from 11:30 am - 1:00 pm every Tuesday.
      Evening and weekend sessions are available based on need.
    • Do I have to participate in group to access one-on-one counseling?
      No! Services are tailored to your needs and so it is your choice on what you participate in.
    • Why would I want to see a psychiatrist?
      Meeting with a psychiatrist can be an opportunity to confront our fears, receive unbiased guidance and become an even better version of ourselves. Psychiatrists assess all of your mental and physical symptoms. They make a diagnosis and work with you to develop a management plan for your treatment and recovery.
    • How quickly will I be able to access groups or a therapist?
      Whenever you’re ready! We will begin the intake process and immediately get you on schedule!
    • What other services will I have access to?
      HIV/Hep-C testing + HIV/Hep-C care, Dental Services, Mental Health Counseling, Substance Abuse Counseling, HIV Prevention/Risk Reduction Counseling, Emergency toiletry supplies, Groups &Workshops, Food Bank Referrals, Assistance with insurance through Market place, Assistance with SNAP benefits, Assistance with applying and appealing Social Security Income and Social Security Disability Income, Case management services
    • Can I refer a friend?
      Absolutely! The more the merrier.
    • Do you have to be gay to enroll in the program?
      You do not have to be gay to receive our services. The only requirement is having a substance abuse disorder.
    • Does this work?
      Yes! This program does work. Our team of counselors and case managers provide support, encouragement, goal setting, and knowledge to assist clients in achieving sobriety.
    • What incentives do you provide?
      We provide free counseling sessions with a minimum of eight group and three individual sessions. Our counselors are trained and will help you get your disability or SSI and get it submitted. We provide mental health referrals for psychological evaluation and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and also free HIV/HEP-C testing. The program provides a $30 Wal-Mart gift card upon completion of the program. Each time the client attends group we provide lunch and treats. We also provide contraceptives (condoms and lubrication) if the client needs them.
    • Am I required to take a HIV test to enroll in your program?
      No, we provide free HIV and HEP-C testing however you do not have to be tested in order to participate in our program; it is optional.
    • Do I get transportation to other places?
      STROW provides transportation to group, appointments to our clinic, and to any places we have given referrals.
    • Does STROW have inpatient treatment?
      No, STROW does not provide inpatient treatment but we have the ability to refer our clients to a safe, and effective facility to receive inpatient care.
    • Do I have to participate in a group in order to access individual sessions?
      No individual sessions are always available as a part of our program and can be arranged per client comfort level with the Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor.
    • How do I get a referral to mental health?
      Yes, upon completion of the Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor screening a referral is made to see the Licensed Professional Counselor for mental health screening by the case manager.
    • Who are we?
      We are more than substance abuse. We are a robust healthcare system with a mission of making health care accessible. We embrace and embody diversity. We have been a part of East Texas for almost four decades. We are your neighbors, your friends, your allies your family.
    • What happens after I graduate from the program?
      Upon graduation of the program referrals are made depending of the needs of the clients. The client receives a certificate and $30 Walmart gift card. The client gets a new second chance, knowing there is a team of people behind them, supporting them and cheering them on their journey.
    • What are the benefits of getting involved in STROW?
      STROW provides a space for healing and acceptance by peers that look like you & love like you. This is the chance to talk about tools that may help you reach your goals.
    • What should I expect?
      A 8-12 week program that offers individual or group sessions with 6 hours of educational support groups, counseling and case management.
    • Where are our services located? How do I get there?
      Our address is 501 Pine Tree Rd. Suite A3, Longview, TX 75604. We are located on the 1st floor inside Community Connections building on the corner of Pine Tree Rd and Berkley St. OR Online.
    • Is there a therapist/counselor that looks like me?
      Yes! Our staff is comprised of Black, Latin, and white LGBTQ male/female that are part of the community.
    • How much do these services cost? Do I need insurance?
      All of our services are free.
    • Will what I share stay private?
      All information is strictly confidential between you and your provider.
    • Do you offer couples or family counseling?
      We specialize in 1:1 individual counseling, however, we know how important it is for our family & partners to be connected to these same services. Staff will work with you to identify services available for your loved ones.